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Posted on January 02, 2017 by Rae | 24 comments

* Please note: We have randomly selected our winner of the £20 gift voucher but please still feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments here!

A new year means a new beginning and we've got lots of exciting new stuff lined up for 2017!  As well as loads more gorgeous fabric we're planning lots of new products, kits, classes and clubs so we can bring you a whole host of awesomeness this year!

We asked some of our regular customers what they'd like to see from us this year and one of the top asks was for us to have a loyalty scheme that worked both in our shop as well as online.  Well, we've done that with Make Club but what else do you want to see at Fabric HQ in the coming year?  We can't promise we'll be able to do everything but if you want it, we'll try our best to make it happen!

Just add your contribution in the comments section below by Sunday 8th January and we'll choose someone at random to receive a £20 gift voucher to spend online with us or in our shop in Stoke Mandeville.

Happy new year everyone!

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Christmas Bunting

Posted on December 16, 2016 by Rae | 2 comments

12th Make of Christmas 2016!

We're finally here!  It's the 12th HQ Make of Christmas and this one is a super quick project to help decorate your home in time for the big day.


We love SewGirl's awesome crafty kits and this Christmas bunting is fun and quick to make up so makes a great last minute project - maybe even sew it with your kids as we're intending to do as a great way to spend an early Christmas holiday afternoon! 

We've got a couple of kits left over and we're reducing them to £7.99 each so grab one quickly!

All that's left to say is that we hope you've enjoyed our 12 Makes of Christmas 2016 series.  We've certainly enjoyed all the fun Christmas stuff we've been making!

Happy Christmas everybody - from all of us here at Fabric HQ, we hope you have a fantastic one and see you all in the new year for some more fabric fun!


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Wrap It Up Quilt

Posted on December 16, 2016 by Rae | 1 comment

Make 11 is here!  It's the Makower Wrap It Up Christmas Quilt by Lynne Goldsworthy!


I've always wanted to make a Christmas quilt and when we saw the Wrap It Up collection from Makower I knew this was the one!   I really enjoyed making this quilt and it's a pretty quick make, considering the centre is in fact a panel and requires no sewing - the outside consists of cool Christmas trees that are all foundation pieced so you get perfect points every time.



This collection has been so popular and we've only got two quilt kits left.  We're reducing them from £46.75 to £37.75 including UK postage and the kit consists of everything you need to make the quilt top, plus the binding fabric and full instructions.  Not included is the wadding and backing fabric.  Drop us a note at hello@fabrichq.co.uk if you'd like one of the kits as they're not on our website.

One final make to go now - so close!




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Project Pouch Zippered Pocket

Posted on December 07, 2016 by Rae | 0 comments



The 10th Make of Christmas is this super quick and easy present idea from Karen.  Perfect for making sure you can see what's in each pocket, these great project pouches are a fab present for a keen sewist who's got a lot on the go all at one time!


You will need: 

2 strips of fabric 4 – 4 ½” x length required

Zipper – any length as it can be trimmed to size

Plastic vinyl e.g. table cover vinyl


These pockets can be made any size – For this tutorial I had an extra long zip and cut the vinyl 12 ½” x 20” (the smaller ones I made were approximately 8” x 13 ½”). Use a walking foot throughout.


  1. Fold the fabric strips in half, wrong sides together and press. (So they will be 2 – 2 ½” x length).
  2. Sew fabric strip either side of the zip. I’ve used an extra long zip and pushed the zip pull out of the way so I could sew neatly – don’t forget to slide it back within the pocket area!



  1. In the seam allowance, sew over the zip several times if it’s going to be trimmed



  1. Sew vinyl to fabric pieces to form a cylinder – clips are really useful here. Trim excess zip – do not use your good scissors! – and turn right sides out. Decide which side your zip is going to open by swivelling the fabric to the desired side.




  1. Fold twill or bias tape in half and sew round raw edges.



and you're done!



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Christmas Card Wall Hanging

Posted on November 29, 2016 by Rae | 2 comments

Christmas Card Holder at Fabric HQ


This week we're back with the 9th Make of Christmas and it's the turn of the lovely Maureen Reeves who has made this beautiful Christmas Card Wall Hanging - the perfect way to display your beautiful Christmas cards without cluttering up the mantlepiece!  Over to Maureen....

Christmas Card Wall Hanging (with 24 pockets)

List of materials:

1 metre for the back panel, backing and inside of pockets. As this is going to be used vertically take care you don’t choose fabric with a directional pattern.

Pockets, 24 flying geese finished size 6 x 3 inches.

  • ½ metre in total in at least two Christmas fabrics for centre triangles.
  • ½ metre for side triangles. (If making Flying Geese with traditional method you will need 60cm)

Binding ¼ metre. (If using “no waste” method a scrappy binding can be made from unused centre triangle fabric.)

Wadding 52” x 15”

Christmas embellishments for decoration.



Cut a 9¾” square from the side triangle fabric and put aside for the bottom triangle.

Method for pockets make 24 flying geese.

 Either using “no waste” method: see you tube for “flying geese no waste method”

  • Cut 6 x 7¼” squares from Christmas fabrics for centre triangles
  • 24 x 4” squares for side triangles

my tip is to use a scant quarter inch and by cutting the side squares slightly larger at 4” there will be a little extra to trim back to an accurate 6½ by 3½”.

Or for traditional method see you tube “joyofquilting Flying geese patchwork block”

  • Cut 24 x 6½ by 3½ inch rectangles from Christmas fabrics for centre triangles
  • 48 x 3½” squares for side triangles

When complete the geese should measure 6½ by 3½”.

Make the pockets

  1. Join geese units together in pairs alternating the fabrics.
  2. Cut a 12½ inch strip from the metre of fabric and cut this into 12 rectangles 12½ by 3½ for the inside if pockets.
  3. Place right sides together with the flying geese units and stitch along the top edge with a quarter inch seam making sure you don’t lose your points.
  4. Turn to the right side and press the seam. Top stitch along the top edge, this could be an opportunity to use a decorative thread.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Back Panel Applique
  1. Cut a strip 12 ½ inches by 42 for the back panel from the metre of fabric.
  2. The pockets will be added from the bottom leaving a space at the top approximately five inches deep for you to applique your choice of Christmas images. You can leave off a number of pockets if you wish to have a larger image. A piece of iron on vilene or similar can be added to the reverse of the area you are going to use for applique to add stability.
  3. When you have completed the applique make a quilt sandwich with the remainder of the metre of fabric as the backing sheet and the wadding and baste together either with spray glue baste or hand stitching.
  4. Quilt the applique area.

Attach the pockets

  1. With a walking foot using stitch and flip quilt as you go method to attach the pockets. Starting at the bottom, line up the bottom raw edge of a pocket unit with the bottom raw edge of the back pane. Do not stitch this edge but pin in place as a guide for placement of the second pocket.
  2. Take the second pocket and lay this right sides down onto the first with the top of the second pocket a quarter inch up from the bottom raw edge of the first making sure the centres of each unit are in line.
  3. With a quarter inch seam allowanced, stitch the second pocket in place and flip up and pin the sides to the back panel to hold in place.
  4. With pocket number three place it right sides down onto pocket 2 with the top of pocket 3 lined up with the bottom of pocket 2. This should give you a quarter inch seam allowance to attach pocket 3 but some slight adjustment may be needed so you don’t catch the top of pocket 2. Using this method attach all the pockets.
  5. Stitch down the centre of the pockets using a decorative thread if desired.


Bottom Triangle

  1. Take the 9¾” square of flying geese, side triangle fabric and cut on the diagonal for the front and back of the bottom triangle.
  2. Place this right sides to right sides, front and back of the wadding ensuring that the apex of the triangles line up with the centre of the pockets. Using the stitch and flip method sew in place.

Finish the wall hanging

  1. Make a hanging sleeve from excess fabric and pin to top edge.
  2. With an ⅛ inch seam allowance baste around the quilt to secure the pockets and hanging sleeve.
  3. Trim away excess wadding and backing sheet.
  4. Make a binding using three 2½ strips or make a scrappy binding with excess fabric.


Finally finish by adding any beads buttons or other embellishments.


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