The Great British Sewing Bee Is Back!

Posted on May 18, 2016 by Rae | 2 comments

Yes, the Great British Sewing Bee is back! FabricHQ is getting very excited about the return of the BBC Sewing spectacular as we near the return of GBSB 2016... the studio and shop have been abuzz with chat about past series.  If you want to get the lo-down on this year's contestants and the new judge, Esme Young, check out these special posts at The Sewing Directory and The Fold Line.  

There's enough to keep you going here until Monday at 9pm when the new series begins on BBC2. To celebrate the launch of the new series we've got 15% off all dressmaking fabric and patterns for the rest of May!  Just use the code GBSB16 at the checkout.

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