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Posted on June 08, 2016 by Rae | 5 comments

Hello shoppers, 

I am a very new quilter. I sewed my first stitch on a sewing machine, ever, in June 2014 and have been addicted ever since. My techniques are not great but that has not stopped the quilts flying off my machine as quickly as I could make them since then. But as my techniques are terrifyingly poor a lot of the times, I have ranged from utterly horrifying quilts to mediocre quilts now.

I am a fabric hoarder on an epic level but nothing pleases me more than just sitting and looking at my fabric and thinking, of the amazing things I can create from it all. But realising I will need to live until I am 360 years old to finish it all, sound familiar?

I used to sew on my own but then got bored of the isolation of it all so I became the admin for the Beginners Quilt Support Group on Facebook just to get some contact with other beginners. It has grown from a handful of people to over 3300, which is lovely and incredibly supportive and there is always someone on there to say hello to or show ideas to or get advice from. A great group but I also then joined EVERY sewing class around to interact with people.

So now that you know a little about me... I am not an employee of Fabric HQ – I am a shopper like you, and hopefully many of your friends. Fabric HQ is smallish business in the light of the industry around us most days but a place where there is CLEARLY love and care for its customers. A place you are made to feel comfortable without being forced to buy things. You are free to either browse for ages or just chat out ideas with Jacqui and Rae.

I truly loved this space upon first arrival and having been into the store three weeks ago for the first time... I am stunned by their very “on trend” fabrics and their constant evolution to make sure they are doing the best they can for their business...  While not losing focus on their customers and I have spent hours watching the incredible team work with all of their customers and not once have I ever felt anything but joy. Jot that this family run business is based in love and the hours of effort put into the shop is not leaving the staff too tired to make their customers feel incredibly special and valued. Something that might well be lacking in this day and age.

ENOUGH WAFFLE JOHN! Tell me about the surprise already I hear you cry!!  Well here we go. Fabric HQ has become the first suppliers locally, to stock the utterly sublime fabric, buttons and bias binding of.... Fleuri from Frou-Frou.


Frou Frou Fleuri            Frou Frou Fleuri
Frou Frou Fleuri            Frou Frou Fleuri
I nearly bought the entire lot but having been banned from buying more fabric until I have used what I have... I have sewn all weekend to make sure that I am allowed to buy more!



 Frou Frou Fleuri Fabric            Frou Frou Fleuri Fabric


I hear the recurring “Who” from you from here and let me tell you Frou-Frou has made cotton lawn fabric, which arrived with coordinating buttons and bias binding all in a range that INSTANTLY has you thinking...  OOOOOO Liberty, but...  WITHOUT the price tag!


Frou Frou Fleuri Buttons


So make sure you get down to look at these new bits or check out the website and see what is on offer... I can’t chat more...  I must sew quicker to be able to get some of this incredible range! Bye for now and thank you Rae for letting me gush about your new bits! 

Hope to catch up with you all soon!

Rae here now - thanks for your kind words about the shop, John!  Glad you love Fleuri as much as we do. People - check out John's fantastic Facebook group Beginner's Quilt Support Group and also his Craftsy quilting patterns shop, John Cole-Morgan Quilting where you can see some amazing designs, including his beautiful Queen's 90th birthday quilt pattern!  Also John's been organising the Tring Yarn Bomb happening this weekend in honour of the Queen's birthday.


Tring Yarn Bomb

Don't miss it if you can get to Tring!

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  • Sue Petzer

    John, that is an awesome blog, I just want to hop on a plane from Darkest SouthAfrica and come and buy loads. Would need a loan on the way as our Rand has now dropped to junk status so I guess I will just drool and watch in antisipation to see when your hubblet allows you to replenish your stock.

  • Fran K

    I enjoyed reading the post and love the shop anyway, but when I tried to visit the Beginner’s Quilt page on facebook it won’t let me in. I’m not on facebook and it wouldn’t let me look at the page without joining in, which I don’t want to do. Ah well. I’ll try the Etsy page instead.

  • Fran

    Oh but, dearest Johnny, you don’t say where this fabulous sounding shop is? I am really neeeeeeeeeeding fabbers fabric to join in this quilting lark……


  • Linda Norton

    John is the greatest. I was so bored with my quilting until I joined a few of his groups. He got me involved and since I have met him, have done 4 quilts, just within a few months and I was also priviledged to help on the HM Queen’s 90th birthday. I have never felt as excited with sewing as I was with John. Thank you John, honest, true and I love you

  • John Cole-Morgan

    Thank you Rae!

    Seriously wasn’t excepting a promote on the blog. Just adore your store and hope to see you all again really soon.


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