12th Make of Christmas

Posted on December 19, 2018 by Rae | 0 comments

So here we are, the final make of 2018 - and this one is a really fun, last minute idea to make you feel virtuous whilst indulging your love of fabric.

Get Your Wrap On

There are some shocking stats being floated around this year about Christmas wrapping paper waste which got us thinking about how we can change our habits in this department.  A quick search of the internet later and we're all now hooked on Furoshiki - the Japanese art of wrapping gifts in fabric!

We found this brilliant blog post from 1 Million Women which not only gives you a great overview of Furoshiki and its place in Japanese culture, it also tells you rough sizes of fabric for common gifts, ideas on edging your fabric (if you want to - I personally like the raw look) and a really handy diagram from the Japanese Department of Environment which shows you how to wrap a ton of different shapes - including wine bottles!  Obviously once your recipient has opened their pressie, they  have a cool bit of fabric to use again as a gift wrapping, or a cool bit of fabric to add to their stash.  Win - Win in our book! : )

Check out the 1 Million Women blog post here and get your wrap on.

So there you go we're all done with our 12 Makes of Christmas series for 2018 - hopefully there's been one or two makes here that have inspired or helped you this Christmas?  From all of us here at FHQ, don't forget to sign up to the newsletter (click the pop-up on our wesite) for a little Christmas Eve treat from us and have a brilliant Christmas and a Happy New Year!




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