On the Twelth Day Of Christmas

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Charlie Deighton gave to us ...
Charlie's Christmas Angels!

OK, so this is it - the final of our 12 Christmas makes, courtesy of the lovely Charlie Deighton ...

Incredibly simple and very beautiful Christmas Angels

I have made my angels from a few pages of sheet music, but you could you use any paper or fabric you fancy...pages from old books work well too.  If using fabric for the angel's robes, I would iron some interfacing to the reverse of the fabric to give it some stiffness so that it holds its shape.  The wings can then be cut from paper (per instructions below, or a double layer of lace works beautifully too).


For each pair of Angels, you will need....



Paper Angels

2 wooden dolly pegs

1 A4 sheet of your chosen paper (or 4 pages from a book)

Double sided sticky tape (or glue)


Glitter (optional)

Ribbon or cord to hang the angel



  1. Take your paper and if using a sheet of A4, fold it in half and tear/cut and then fold each 'half' in half again so that you have four quarters (A6 size).




  1. Take one of the cut pieces of paper and position your dolly peg along the left hand side of the paper; cut the paper to size so that it just clears the 'feet' of the peg.




  1. Fix some double sided sticky tape along the length of the opposite side (see photo) or use glue if you prefer.  Then holding the 'neck' of the peg dolly firmly in place, start to roll the peg across the paper so that it wraps around the peg.  After one turn, start to twist the peg slightly upwards so that the paper forms a 'funnel' shape at the base of the peg. This can take a little practise but gets easier!



  1. Keep rolling until the edge of the paper meets the tape/glue and is fixed in place.


  1. Next, take another piece of your paper and fold it in half; cut the angel's wings and open out flat.  Fix a piece of double sided tape/glue to the centre of the wings.



  1. Cut a piece of cord/ribbon long another to form a loop so that the angel can be hung from your tree.  Secure the loop in place by sticking it over the double sided tape/glue.
  2. Put a little glue on the 'head' of the peg dolly and then dab it in a little glitter to create a lovely halo.


  1. Place your sparkly peg dolly in place on top of the wings, press down to ensure it's secure, smile, and sit back to admire your handy work and beautiful Christmas Angel!


There are so many variations to try...I have used fabric for the Angel's robes and lace for their wings, or why not use a mixture of fabric and paper?  A lovely and simple little project to try with children too.


Thank you Charlie and thanks again to all the lovely ladies who contributed to this blog series.  All that remains is for us both to wish you a very jolly Christmas, indeed!
 Happy Christmas!
Jacqui and Rae

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