On the Seventh day of Christmas

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... we made with our kids, a Tree-o of Christmas Trees!

Yes, we have three, actually 4 simple and fun little projects to have a go at with your kids for you this week - three trees and a bauble re-vamp.


This cute little trio was inspired by bunting flags - just turn them upside-down, stuff with wool balls or wadding, stitch up the bottom and embellish.   If your little ones are too wee to handle a needle and thread, stitch up the triangles yourself and then let them stuff them (they love that bit) and stick embellishments with crafting glue.





This fun little Christmas card is easy-peasy.  Get your kids to cut rectangles of fabric with your pinking shears (I made mine promise not to cut anything other than fabric with them - or Santa wouldn't come!) and arrange in a tree shape.  Add a star-like section of fabric at the top and you're done. Happy kids who get to finish making Christmas cards in lightening speed + very chuffed relatives when they receive their bespoke Christmas card = being well on the way to having an organised Christmas.




 We tend to use a lot of recycled brown paper to wrap presents with in our house.  A great way to brighten them up is to buy coloured gift tags.  Use a few buttons and tiny fabric scraps cut into festive shapes to decorate these.  Add some festive ribbon and you have some funky labels to tie securely to your lucky recipient's gift.  The bonus is that these are re-usable:  Just stick a label over the name from last year and recycle again for next!



Finally, not strictly a tree but a must for 'The Tree' - The kids love doing this simple bauble re-vamp.  Take an old, sad looking bauble which has seen many a Christmas and instead of throwing it away, wrap it in strips of glued festive ribbon and tie a nice bow at the top for instant Christmas tree chic.




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