On the fourth day of Christmas

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... Lucy Levenson gave to me ....


A fun little flower brooch!


Apologies for the massive gap between this and the last Christmas make post.  We've been having a hell of a time here at HQ over the past week.  Last weekend we were at a craft fair back in my hometown of Wendover.  We had a fantastic day on Saturday catching up with lots of friends and talented people from past craft fairs and were looking forward to another stonking, Christmassy day on Sunday when we got a call from our landlord telling us there was a serious flood back at HQ.  Not great news on a Sunday morning. During the drive back to the shop my mind raced.  Perhaps it wasn't as bad as all that.  But it was.   




This picture was taken when we finally stopped for a breather after we'd cleared out a lot of the water.  It was about 2 inches deep across the whole unit when I first got there.  I bundled in with my trainers on and immediately had to take them off and roll up my jeans - my feet were soaked.  Most of us spent the rest of the day in bare feet whilst we swept the water out with massive brooms!


The water came from a burst pipe in the office.  The pressure was so strong it blew a hole through the plasterboard wall into the shop drenching some of our fabric. It was a crazy few hours of sweeping water out of the shop and we had so much help from our lovely lovely neighbours at Layby Farm.  Thank you guys! And thanks to Mel, Tanya and Becks back at the Courtyard in Wendover for looking after our abandoned stuff at the craft fair. Yes we lost some stock but we managed to open again on Wednesday and it's surprising how quickly we're back to normal, kind of normal, at least!  The worst part was having to cancel our Christmas Sewcial on Tuesday night - we were so looking forward to catching up with everyone and wishing everyone a merry Christmas. We'll just have to do it in the new year instead, won't we peeps?


Anyway, just wanted to explain our radio silence over the last week... now on with the important stuff - Lucy's Flower Brooch tutorial.  Another from last year but we love this one so much it's definitely a must for sharing again.



Working in the cellar of the old pub that is her home, Lucy Levenson creates beautiful applique cushions, fabric throws, decoupage prints on canvas, and other amazing little treasures, all in her own unique style.



Visit Lucy's website to view her complete range including beautiful commissioned pieces...





... Giclee prints and greetings cards...




Right - on with Lucy's gift to us. Here's how to make her cute little fabric corsage - a great way to brighten up your winter wardrobe or, if you can bear to give it away, a fab Christmas present idea!




1. Materials you need to make a fabric brooch:

  • Different coloured fabrics
  • Green felt for the leaf
  • Some stamens
  • Brooch pin
  • Sewing needles
  • Cotton
  • Fabric pen
  • Scissors
  • Bondiweb


 2. Get your pieces of fabric and iron in your bondiweb. Fold over the other half of the fabric to make it double sided, so the pattern is on both sides. Then draw a large flower shape and cut it out. Using this same method draw petal shapes on the other fabrics, and cut them out.



 3. Fold over your green felt so it is double thickness. Draw a leaf shape with a pencil, and sew the leaf pattern on your sewing machine, or by hand.



 4. This is what all your bits of fabric should look like when cut out.



 5. Pick up your cut out flower and using needle and thread, sew in a circle about 2cm from the middle. Then gather the thread in to pull the petals together, to make it more flower like.



 6. Sew in your petals, going round in a circle. As many petals as you want.



 7. Pick up your stamens and fold them together, sewing them into the centre of the flower


 8. Admire your handiwork and try desperately to part with it .... or make another for the intended recipient of the original that you have now fallen in love with and decided to keep for yourself! (Not Lucy's instructions here but how we feel about this make - thanks Lucy!)


We're hoping to get Lucy in teaching a class or two for us in the new year.  Watch this space for more details but if you are a fan of her work don't miss out on your chance to meet and be taught by this fantastically talented and wonderfully warm woman!

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  • Bekki

    Im sorry to hear about your flood and the damaged stock. Well done for not making it a massive setback and getting everything cleaned up and back up and running again so quickly.

  • Sam

    Oh my goodness, the flood looks awful! What a shock you must have had. Lucy’s flower brooch is gorgeous.


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