Craft a Creative Business by Fiona Pullen – A Review

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Last week I had a particularly good mail day. I received a copy of Craft A Creative Business by the lovely Fiona Pullen of the Sewing Directory.  If you are thinking of starting your own craft business then this book is for you.  It is packed full of not only useful but totally essential information, encompassing everything from taxes and accounts to branding and marketing.



From my own personal experience I know that when you are running your own business there are never enough hours in the day and important stuff like goal setting and creating a properly thought through marketing plan often get put off due to the day to day realities of just getting stuff done. And anyway, we’re creative people, right? Who wants to get bogged down with all the boring stuff when we want to just get on and do what we know we’re good at?  Fiona’s book not only explains to you why it is important to understand dry subjects like copyright and business law, but also presents it in such a way that it’s actually pretty straight forward to understand.

Often my brain hits the ‘la-la-la-not-listening’ button whenever I am confronted with this sort of subject matter but not with this book. The layout means it is really easy to dip in and out of with important information easily found.  I have tried to read plenty of other guides to running your own small business with limited success. But Fiona has taken her own advice in writing this book – she knows who her target market is: creative people wanting to turn their love of craft into a successful business.



The book starts with an introduction explaining why now is a fantastic time to be starting your own craft business and then is broken down into six sections: Where Do I Start?, Legal Matters, Presentation, Social Media, Selling Online and Selling Offline.


Each section contains practical activities for you to complete which help answer crucial questions such as who your ideal customer is, what’s the best way to organise your website and what to consider when creating your logo.



Not only for start-ups, it’s a mine of useful info for anyone who is already running their own crafting business. Subjects such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or how to help your website rank highly on search engines are explained clearly and the book is full of useful tips and tricks from industry leaders on matters such as website design, using social media and how good photography can boost your sales.



Fiona ends the book with a glossary of useful websites and books for further reading as well as a list of indispensible free online services to help with the smooth running of your business. I’ve only had the book a few days but it is looking well and truly dog-eared already!  Grab yourself a copy here and see why it’s number 1 in Amazon’s Starting a Small Business category.

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