On the Ninth Day of Christmas

Posted on December 20, 2014 by Rae | 0 comments

Emma May of Simple Pleasures Sewing School gave to us a ....

This cute little cluster of festive shapes is a versatile fella. Use one, or all of the shapes . Sew by machine or, curl up on the sofa with a blanket and sew by hand! A great little project to rustle up out of teeny-tiny pieces of fabric. No need to rush out and buy lots and equally you can just nibble away at the edges of some of your favourites without fear of using up swaths of them!


Emma is the force behind Emma May Stitching ...



... and The Simple Pleasures Sewing School.  





Emma is based in not-too-far-away Thame and teaches the lion's share of our classes and workshops here at the Make Studio.  We love having here around - she is an oasis of calm in our crazy little fabric world - where would we be without her?  Anyway, check out her gorgeous website for more details about her one-to-one tuition sessions.


Right, over to Emma's blog for the ninth fabulous Christmas make!



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