On the first day of Christmas

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We made some infinity scarves!


Welcome to our 2014 series 12 Makes of Christmas.

We ran this last year and we had so many lovely comments that we just had to do it again.  This year we will be bringing you a mix of brand new projects and the best of last years' in the hope that we can help take the stress out of your Christmas prep.  Be it present making for loved ones or super lovely ideas to decorate your home, we have ideas a plenty.  So, let's cut the waffle and get down to it - our very first project, the ever-so quick to whip up infinity scarf.



First things first, you need to decide how long you want your scarf to be.  For your first one you make (and we guarantee you'll definitely not stop at one!) we suggest you go for one of two nice and simple options which depend on the width of the fabric you are using.  The scarf I made here in the tutorial uses a lovely 56"/146cm wide cotton lawn. I wanted a relatively short little scarf for this so I just used one half metre of the fabric so it measures 146cm long by 50cm wide.  You can make this scarf with whatever width and length you want and you can also make it out of more than one fabric, it's entirely up to you and what kind of look you want to achieved.  This one I made using one fabric. If you are using 1 metre of 45"/110cm wide fabric cut the fabric in half lengthways so you are left with two piece of fabric both measuring 55cm wide by 100cm long and sew them together to make a long strip measuring approximately 55cm by 200cm. 


  1. Take your piece of fabric and fold in half widthways, right sides together.  The arrow in the pic below points to the folded edge.



2. Pin the fabric along the long open edge.



3. Sew along the pinned edge.



 4. You will now have a long strip of fabric with a seam along one edge.



 5. arrange the fabric so that the seam is in the middle as opposed to on the edge and press your seam open.



6. Turn your tube of fabric so it's right side out....



7. ... and arrange so that the seam is again in the middle instead of on an edge.




8.  Gather up both ends of the tube and align the seams together. 



9. Beginning at the seam, pin the two ends of the tube together.  Before you pin you could twist your scarf once so that the seams still align but you have a twist in the tube.  If you have a short scarf that you will not be doubling around your neck then this is quite important if you have a long scarf then this isn't really necessary.  The scarf gets twisted as you double it around your neck anyway and the twist can make it a right pain to iron!




10. You will get a certain ay and then this will begin to get tricky.  At this point do the same from the other side of the seam. Again you'll get a certain distance and then this will begin to prove tricky. Once you've pinned about 3/4 of the way around take it to your machine and sew.


11. Once you've done this your tube will look a little like this.  You'll be left with a small gap that you then hand stitch to leave a neat edge and you're done!


12. And there you have it, the first of your collection of infinity scarves.  Be warned - they're addictive!


 If you do make a scarf (that's not for a present - that's kind of spoil the surprise, wouldn't it? ) please share it on our Facebook page.  We love to see what you're all making! 


Check back soon for the second of our Christmas makes!

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