3rd Make of Christmas

Posted on November 08, 2018 by Rae | 0 comments

In this, the third make of Christmas 2018, we bring you the technique full of infinite possibilities - Improv Lettering!

The very talented Amie Freemantle @ Sew Much Havoc can show you how to master improv lettering in her fab class on 24th November. Amie will guide you through designing the letters "hello" without measuring any fabric and then turn them into into a panel that can then, at a later, date be turned into a cushion, framed or maybe make a tote bag, the choice is yours. 



Once you know how to create improv lettering, your options are infinite!  I fancy a cushion with Ho Ho Ho! on it to tie in with my Christmas quilt that gets slung over the back of my sofa at Christmas time and there's also the opportunity to personalise gifts, label up zippy pouches in the most awesome way, as well as commit a choice saying or two to fabric.

What would you write in fabric, given the chance?



Find all the details on this class here!

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