On the Tenth Day of Christmas

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On the tenth day of Christmas, Jacqui made a festive trivet


Jacqui used a foundation pieced Christmas tree design in the centre of her trivet (see here and here for some tutorials on how to foundation piece) but you could use any patchwork block you like – or even used a single piece of fabric with a bold design... and you don't have to stop just at a trivet.  Think tea cosies, mug rugs, table mats - all these projects use the same techniques in this tute meaning you can use it to make something Christmassy (or not), for you, or as a gift to give someone else!

Here’s the tutorial for piecing together your trivet ready for Christmas….


All seam allowances ¼ of an inch.

You will need:

  • A finished patchwork block or piece of fabric measuring 21cm square
  • 2 strips of 5cm x 21cm and 2 strips 5cm by 30cm for the border
  • A square of fabric 30cm x 30cm for the back
  • 1.5 metres co-ordinating bias binding
  • 2 pieces of insulating wadding 30cm square



1.  Pin and sew the smaller of the two border fabrics to the top and bottom edges of your centre block and press open with seam allowance towards the centre block

2.  Pin and sew the two longer border fabrics to the two sides as above, again pressing open

Your trivet top is now complete and will look something like this.

3.  Layer your sandwich with the two pieces of insulating wadding in between your front and back pieces and pin or baste the four layers together to hold securely whilst you attach the binding

4.  Fold a quarter of an inch of the end of your binding in on itself and press. Starting at the middle of the bottom edge, lay your binding and trivet right sides together along one edge and pin to a quarter of an inch from the first corner. Use the fold closest to the edge of the fabric as your sewing line and stitch along the binding sewing it to the trivet and stop a quarter of an inch from the corner. Reverse stitch to secure your stitches.

5.  Remove the trivet from the machine and fold the binding up at a right angle to the corner and pin.

6.  Fold the binding back over, aligning the edge of the binding with the next edge of the trivet so that you have a nice, neat mitred corner. Pin and sew along this edge as per the last, repeating the process for the next corner. Repeat for the final two corners until you are back on the edge you began on.

7.  Sew down the binding until it crosses over the starting point by approx. 2cm. Cut off any excess binding and reverse stitch to secure.

8.  Fold over your binding until it encapsulates the raw edges of your trivet.

9.  Turn your trivet over to the back and pin the binding neatly in place. Slip stitch the binding down on the reverse side and you’re done!

You can either leave this as it is or quilt the top using your own design.  You could also add a hanging loop before securing down the back of your binding if you wish to be able to hang your trivet when not in use.

Two more tutorials to go!  How are you getting on with your Christmas sewing prep?  We've got one biggie and then one quickie that just might help you out if you're in a last minute pickle - and boy, do we know WE'LL be in that boat!

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