Christmas Free Motion Bunting

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This week on the 12 Makes of Christmas, Sam Molloy of Stitched Up By Samantha shows us how to make this gorgeous hessian free motioned Christmas bunting.

You could actually use any fabric you like - Christmas, or other - and make this as a gift or to decorate your own home for the festive season.  Here Sam has used the fab 'My Favourite Sweater' from Cotton and Steel's Noel collection. Over to Sam...


You will need:

  • FQ of My Favourite Sweater by Art Gallery Fabrics
  • Approx. 20cm of 150cm wide hessian
  • Bondaweb
  • 2m cotton webbing or bias binding


You can find a full free motion embroidery tutorial on my blog http://www.stitchedupbysamantha.co.uk/2013/04/sewn-images-tutorial-part-1.html  , I’ll just go through the basics in this tutorial.


1.Start by fussy cutting your Favourite Sweaters out of the fabric.  I used 9 on a 2 metre length of bunting, you can obviously make more or less. 


Place the sweaters wrong side down on the glue side of the Bondaweb, cover with a piece of greaseproof paper and press with a hot iron to activate the glue.  Remember the greaseproof paper otherwise you’ll have glue on your iron!

Put this to one side.


2. Cut out 9 triangles from the hessian.  I made mine 7” on all sides, however this is not big enough to allow all the sweaters to be placed the right way up.  If you want them all the right way up you will need to increase the size of your bunting flags to suit.


Carefully peel the sweaters off the Bondaweb backing and position on the hessian flags.  Once you’re happy with the positioning, cover with more greaseproof paper and press with a hot iron.


3. Using free motion embroidery, stitch around the edges of the sweaters – if you like you can stitch over some of the yoke patterns to highlight them.



5. Arrange the flags in the order you’re happy with and starting in the centre fold the cotton webbing or bias binding over the top edge of each flat and pin in place.  Sew along from one end to the other to secure.  I used a zigzag stitch and contrast thread for interest; you can use a matching thread if you don’t want to see the stitching. 

6. Display your bunting with pride!

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