Dashwood Advent Calendar

Posted on November 17, 2017 by Rae | 1 comment

Well we're nearing the very end of our 12 Makes series with this, our 11th and this week Jacqui whipped up one of the fab Dashwood 2017 advent calendars.

We love how simple, quick and easy these calendars are to put together.



and the cute details on this year's Dashwood calendar are brilliant!



Images taken from Jane Farnham's Merry Little Christmas collection decorate this panel...

and the gusseted pockets are the perfect size to stash a little treat or two - maybe dispense with the usual chocolate and fill it with fabric!

We also have the Makower Advent Tree in stock - a bit moer traditional and beautiful in its reds and golds.


We've got 20% off both our advent calendars this week and up until the end of November.  To get yours, check them out here!




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  • Susan Monro

    Wish someone had put fabric in my advent calendar!
    I made this…. it was great!


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