Merrily Christmas Sack

Posted on October 07, 2017 by Rae | 1 comment

Everyone needs a good sized Christmas sack and the Merrily Winter Critter panel by Gingiber is crying out to be used for the perfect Christmas sack! 


You will need:

1 x Merrily Winter Critter Panel

1 x FQ co-ordinating fabric for the back (I used Merrily Holly Berry)

1 x long or fat quarter co-ordinating fabric for the top cuff of the sack (I used Merrily Weave Berry)

1/2 metre of lining fabric

1 x metre of co-ordinating bias binding

2 x metres ribbon or string



1. Choose which of the critters you are going to use for your sack and cut along the dotted line around it.  I chose the moose but all 4 of the designs are beautiful and would work just as well.

2. Trim your background fat quarter to the same size as the Critter panel you have chosen, approx. 45cm wide by 55cm long.

3. Cut your lining half metre into two pieces, the same size as your Critter panel.  You should now have 4 rectangles all measuring exactly the same.

4. Cut the quarter metre you have for the top cuff of the sack into two pieces, measuring the same width as the Critter panel so you have two pieces approximately 45cm by 25cm each.

5. Sew the top edge of the Critter panel to one of the long edges of the sack top cuff fabric and then sew one of the lining panels to the other long edge of the top cuff fabric.  You will end up with the 3 pieces sewn together with the cuff fabric in the middle like this.

6. repeat this with the backing fabric, cuff and other piece of the lining so that you have two very long pieces.  Iron all seams towards the cuff fabric.

7. lay the strip with the backing fabric down, right side up and then carefully place the strip with the Critter panel on top, right side down.  The backing panel and the Critter panel should be on top of each other, as should the two pieces of cuff fabric and the lining fabric.  Carefully pin all the way around the edges.

8. Mark a 4 inch gap at the bottom of the lining fabric and sew all the way around the outside of the two panels, leaving this gap open for turning.

9. Trim the corners of the seam allowance on the bottom of the outside and lining ends of the panels.  Turn right way through then tuck the lining fabric inside the outer fabric.  Carefully smooth out the bag so that the cuff is folded in half then give it all a nice press. Slip stitch the turning gap closed.

10.  Pin the bias binding along the line where the cuff meets the outside fabrics, leaving a 1 inch gap in the middle of the front of the sack.  Make sure you turn under a good inch either end so that it doesn't fray then sew the bias down, close to each edge to form a channel for your ribbon or rope.

11. Thread your ribbon or rope through the channel you've created, stuff it full of presents and tie the ribbon in a great big bow and you're done!



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  • Margaret Platt

    Just bought this panel because l loved it and was going to make a cushion with it but not now! You’ve given me inspiration to use it for something different. Thanks! ?


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