Noodlehead Roadtrip Case

Posted on November 03, 2017 by Rae | 0 comments

This week on the 12 Makes we've got Amie's fab Noodlehead Roadtrip case.

We've included this project as we think it wold make the perfect gift for just about anybody - male/female, kids and grow-ups. 

Everyone could do with a handy case in which to store stuff.  Whether that's sewing stuff, toys, gadgets, tools, make-up, art or craft supplies, it's a brilliant all round winner!

We love all the Noodlehead patterns - easy to follow - great diagrams and fab pictures as inspiration.

What we particularly love about this one is how different you can make each case feel with your choice of fabric.

Who will you make one for?  Or, probably more accurately - can you think of anyone who wouldn't want one?  Find the pattern here!

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