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 If you have been lucky enough to pop down to Fabric HQ in the last few weeks you will no doubt have seen Jacqui’s AMAZING work for the Row by Row experience.

Fabric HQ's Row for Row by Row Experience 2016

If you have not heard about the Row by Row and you have even the smallest urge toward the adorable the cute and the down-right addictive... LOOK AWAY NOW!  I warned you....

If you have not already done so, look at the website. www.rowbyrowexperince.com but before you do let me give you a bit of the history. The Row by Row experience was started to try and encourage people into quilting shops. To encourage the shoppers into their local shops but also to them seek out and find new shops they have not been to or even knew about. In this day and age where quilt shops are struggling like mad to keep things afloat, which to me, is one of the most important things I have done in my quilting passion.

With the fear of local shops closing, that was the reason why I have approached every shop I shop in to ask them, plead with them, and do everything possible to make sure they take part in it. Fabric HQ is one the only 2 shops I frequent who were even remotely interested in taking part. Jacqui and Rae were so keen to take part but were completely honest that they were not too sure how to make a row pattern and given there was only a few days to the deadline of entering I offered to help and together Jacqui and I made the row. And I know I am biased but I think it is just adorable. We wanted something that would make anyone visiting the store remember not only the English countryside and the location of Fabric HQ in such a gorgeous spot but also to make the fabric selection work for us in adding more and more details into the row that were interesting for the person sewing the row. So after a few attempts and fabric switch outs we finally got it right.

So I hear your next question loud and clear. What is a row? Each shop taking part designs and patterns a row. Each row measures 36.5 inches by 9.5 inches. Each shops, row is different and you have the choice of using their pattern with your fabric which costs you nothing, or you can buy the kit and use the shops' fabric which means your block will be identical to that in the shop.

The next question I know you have... What do you use the Rows for? The rows are designed to all be the same size and they do this so if you have eight rows, you can create a lap quilt out of eight rows. The rows however can also be used for other things if you fancy just making the one. You can make fabric baskets. You can make wall hangings. You can make the same row over and over again with different things on the washing line if you wish. It is a versatile item you can do whatever you like with.

The main question everyone always has....  How much?  If you come into the shop you can get the pattern for free.  The kit is for sale with all of the fabric you need to make the pattern exactly like the one in the store for £18 a kit.

(But PLEASE be advised there are severely strict copyright laws in the patterns with fines in the UK amounting to £10,000 for EACH TIME YOU COPY THE PATTERN AND DISTRIBUTE IT!) Copyright is a major problem with this event and there have been cases in the USA where people have been prosecuted on this and it is just not the spirit of the event. From November the pattern will then be available for sale on www.craftsy.com so if you don’t manage to get it now then don’t worry it will be available later.

How will I know how to make the row is the next question I have had. The pattern I think is very beginner friendly. It is a step by step methodology and unlike the king sized quilt patterns on a page and a half, this is a 12 page pattern trying to show you exactly what needs doing on each step. However if you fancy coming to a sewcial type event and I teach you exactly how to make the row, we are hosting an evening of fun wine and rowing on the 21st July 2016 from 7-10pm. The cost is £38 including the kit and you will need to book with Rae or Jacqui at the store ASAP or via the website here because there are only six spots open! 

So that is the row by row experience. Please try and take part if you can and make sure you read up in the newsletters about the prizes up for grabs by people, like me, who are officially hooked on the row by row. If you really want to get sucked into the row by row experience event... Check out the Facebook pages of the states of the USA, Canada and Europe to see what each shop is doing and how gorgeous these rows are and then perhaps you may even find another quilter willing to swop row kits. Please be very careful of the copyright thing though. It is very serious the infringements of this.

So that’s all from me this week. BUT I will say if you have not managed to get into the shop to see the new Halloween fabric that has arrived....  GO right NOW to see it!!  I bought tons of it!!!

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  • Sheri Sanow

    I think you row is adorable and the hedge hogs are cute as they can be. The clothes line complete with undergarments is a hoot. Thank you for participating. We on the west side of the Atlantic are have a fun time with the finding and shopping and swapping and getting friends to stop by stores near them. What a great experience

  • Rae at HQ

    Hi Doris, Liza, Pauline and Kerrie and thank you for your lovely comments re our Row by Row. Unfortunately we won’t have kits available to ship abroad and, as per Row by Row rules, we are unable to send out the pattern at present. You will be able to purchase the row pattern from John, the designer, after 1st November. You can contact him via his facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeginnerQuilt/
    Happy quilting!

  • Doris Trahan

    I’m interested in the licence plates. Do have them? If not, maybe you’d care to check out the U.S. and Canada ones, to judge whether there would be an interest in England. Thanks. Your row is very thoughtful.

  • Liza Smerza

    Hello I would like to know if you can ship to the US the Row by Row Kit and how much is the Kit with Fabric in Dollars and how much shipping would be.
    Thank you for your time
    Liza Smerza

  • Pauline Perry

    I just want to say that your row is gorgeous! I live in Victoria on Vancouver Island Canada totally loving the row by row experience, and I am just checking out the European rows and I love your so much! All the details of the house, the hedgehogs, the laundry on the line and I love the lady on the bicycle by that awesome tree. Brilliant.

  • Kerrie Frazer

    I am currently visiting England from Australia. I very fortunately stumbled upon this concept when I visited Threads and Patches and mentioned that I was looking for a ‘project’ as a memento of my trip!! This is a BRILLIANT concept and well done to you for participating!! Sadly, I discovered this (and you) 2 days before I return and I do not have time to
    come visit!! I am hoping that you will have the kits available for online purchase when the competition finishes AND you will ship to Australia?? This is now on my bucketlist as an itinerary for my next trip!! A VERY GOOD reason to return and visit your beautiful countryside. I am telling you thus to encourage you for stepping out and becoming involved!! I hope it does prove to be worthwhile for you??

    Warmest regards,



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