Speedy Christmas Pillowcase

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Speedy Pillow Case Tutorial


This week it's a double whammy on the Christmas countdown (gotta crowbar them in or we'll be making on Christmas Eve!) so we've given you a super speedy Make Number 4 - Karen's pillowcase can be whipped up in twenty minutes and has an envelope flap inside. It's absolutely puuurrrfect (sorry!) for adding that extra touch of magic on Christmas Eve night.  There's nothing better than a freshly changed bed and an awesome Christmas themed pillowcase will keep little, and not so little, heads dreaming of the fun to come all night long. Over to Karen...

Choose your favourite Christmassy fabric - Karen chose Michael Miller's absolutley gorgeous Kitty Garland but we think any of these would be totally gorgeous, too...


... From Dashwood's Festive Friends collection:

Festive Puddings


Festive Cats


 Festive Friends Main


Christmas Dreams Baubles


From Moda...

Juniper Berry Reindeer Games


Juniper Berry Christmas Merrily Aqua


Michael Miller's Mini Snowmen


Festive Balls


Corny Cane Green


and finally, Swell Noel Christmas Trees.

There's something here for all the family, so as it's such a quick project, you could whip one up for everyone in no time!  You could even add a contrast panel with a bit of embellishment if you fancy but if you're doing the simple version you need 1m of fabric per pillow.  Over to Karen....


1: 30” x 19 ½” rectangle

1: 35” x 19 ½” rectangle


  1. At one short end of each piece, turn a ½” hem then ½” again and top stitch.

  1. With right sides together, match raw edges at bottom and bring longer end over the top of the finished edge. Using a ½” seam allowance, stitch the sides and bottom raw edges. Finish the seams with a zigzag or overedge


  1. Turn right sides out, press stuff in your pillow and move onto the next member of the family!  Which fabrics would you choose?



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