On the Twelth Day Of Christmas

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Charlie Deighton gave to us ...
Charlie's Christmas Angels!

OK, so this is it - the final of our 12 Christmas makes, courtesy of the lovely Charlie Deighton ...

Incredibly simple and very beautiful Christmas Angels

I have made my angels from a few pages of sheet music, but you could you use any paper or fabric you fancy...pages from old books work well too.  If using fabric for the angel's robes, I would iron some interfacing to the reverse of the fabric to give it some stiffness so that it holds its shape.  The wings can then be cut from paper (per instructions below, or a double layer of lace works beautifully too).


For each pair of Angels, you will need....



Paper Angels

2 wooden dolly pegs

1 A4 sheet of your chosen paper (or 4 pages from a book)

Double sided sticky tape (or glue)


Glitter (optional)

Ribbon or cord to hang the angel



  1. Take your paper and if using a sheet of A4, fold it in half and tear/cut and then fold each 'half' in half again so that you have four quarters (A6 size).




  1. Take one of the cut pieces of paper and position your dolly peg along the left hand side of the paper; cut the paper to size so that it just clears the 'feet' of the peg.




  1. Fix some double sided sticky tape along the length of the opposite side (see photo) or use glue if you prefer.  Then holding the 'neck' of the peg dolly firmly in place, start to roll the peg across the paper so that it wraps around the peg.  After one turn, start to twist the peg slightly upwards so that the paper forms a 'funnel' shape at the base of the peg. This can take a little practise but gets easier!



  1. Keep rolling until the edge of the paper meets the tape/glue and is fixed in place.


  1. Next, take another piece of your paper and fold it in half; cut the angel's wings and open out flat.  Fix a piece of double sided tape/glue to the centre of the wings.



  1. Cut a piece of cord/ribbon long another to form a loop so that the angel can be hung from your tree.  Secure the loop in place by sticking it over the double sided tape/glue.
  2. Put a little glue on the 'head' of the peg dolly and then dab it in a little glitter to create a lovely halo.


  1. Place your sparkly peg dolly in place on top of the wings, press down to ensure it's secure, smile, and sit back to admire your handy work and beautiful Christmas Angel!


There are so many variations to try...I have used fabric for the Angel's robes and lace for their wings, or why not use a mixture of fabric and paper?  A lovely and simple little project to try with children too.


Thank you Charlie and thanks again to all the lovely ladies who contributed to this blog series.  All that remains is for us both to wish you a very jolly Christmas, indeed!
 Happy Christmas!
Jacqui and Rae

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On the Ninth Day of Christmas

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Emma May of Simple Pleasures Sewing School gave to us a ....

This cute little cluster of festive shapes is a versatile fella. Use one, or all of the shapes . Sew by machine or, curl up on the sofa with a blanket and sew by hand! A great little project to rustle up out of teeny-tiny pieces of fabric. No need to rush out and buy lots and equally you can just nibble away at the edges of some of your favourites without fear of using up swaths of them!


Emma is the force behind Emma May Stitching ...



... and The Simple Pleasures Sewing School.  





Emma is based in not-too-far-away Thame and teaches the lion's share of our classes and workshops here at the Make Studio.  We love having here around - she is an oasis of calm in our crazy little fabric world - where would we be without her?  Anyway, check out her gorgeous website for more details about her one-to-one tuition sessions.


Right, over to Emma's blog for the ninth fabulous Christmas make!



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On the Eighth Day of Christmas

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... Katy Jones gave to us ....


A Christmas Stocking!



Well we couldn't do a Christmas crafting series without one, now could we?  Katy very kindly offered this little gem of a tutorial, the perfect stocking for hanging by the fireside if you happen to have one - or at the foot of your bed if, like me, you don't (one day....)  I don't think Santa is fussed either way but he is guaranteed to stop for a second to admire your handiwork if you give this little lovely a go.


Katy is the editor of Quilt Now magazine...blogger and author of 25 Patchwork Quilts volumes I & II, yep that's 50 blocks - which will probably set you up for life, I reckon!  Do go buy... go on with you!




Right-o over to Katy ...

For my Christmas project I decided to make a large Christmas stocking in the shape of Santa's boot sock. It's a really simple design and doesn't need any templates plus it ends up as a nice big stocking - which means more presents from Santa!


I made chevron shapes from half square triangles, my blocks finish at 5.5" (before sewing them into my stocking) - but you could easily use simple patchwork and cut your fabric into 5.5" squares instead of making all those half square triangles. My plan is to make a second version using the same fabrics but squares instead.




You will need;

4 fat quarters of fabric

half metre for the lining

fat quarter for the back of the stocking

a dinner or side plate (for making the curved edges of your stocking)

short length of ribbon (for the hanging loop)


Firstly either cut 14 5.5" squares from your fabrics for a plain patchwork version, or make 14 chevron blocks from half square triangles that will finish at 5.5" (3" half square triangle units - 4 units per chevron block). You can find a really good and thorough tutorial for half square triangles at about quilting.




Lay them out in rows like the picture below....




Sew the rows together and press all of your seams nice and flat. Press the red FQ and layer up underneath the patchwork stocking shape. Cut the half metre of green lining fabric and place that underneath too - so that all of your fabrics are neatly stacked together.


Now take the plate and use the curved edge to round off the heel and the toe section of the stocking. You don't want to make this too severe - just a nice curve. I used a frixion pen that will disappear with a hot iron, but you could use chalk or a pencil. Anything that will disappear.





Carefully cut through all 4 layers of fabric so that your stocking looks like the picture below....




Now pin the back of the stocking to the patchwork front - laying them right sides together, and sew around using a good 1/4"seam allowance making sure you leave the top open (just like a sock!)


Do the same with the lining fabric - but this time leave a hand width gap in the bottom or about half way down one side for turning later.





Using scissors, clip notches into the curved bits. Be careful not to go through the stitches!




Turn your outside stocking right way out and press. You can now add a hanging loop, a short length of ribbon pinned to the top of the stocking. When you pin it, make sure it's pointing downwards - like in the picture!





A close up....




Now carefully place the outside of the stocking into the lining so that right sides are facing. ensure your pinned loop is still pointing down and nice and flat. Poke the toe of the stocking into the toe of the lining (remember your lining is still wrong way out - the stitching is on the outside. The patchwork part of the stocking is right way out but inside the lining!) Pin around the top of the layers, and sew together using a good 1/4" seam allowance.



This is the fun bit - pull the patchwork stocking out through the opening in the bottom or side of the lining, and once it's all out, poke the lining into the stocking and slip stitch or machine stitch the opening closed.


Remove the pin from the hanging loop and if you like, top stitch around the top of the stocking. Give it all a good press



Now you can hang your stocking up and wait for Santa to come and fill it!



Thanks Katy - a really beautiful stocking. Be sure to check out Quilt Now for more quilting delights and to pop back here for the next installation of our Christmas project countdown!

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On the Seventh day of Christmas

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... we made with our kids, a Tree-o of Christmas Trees!

Yes, we have three, actually 4 simple and fun little projects to have a go at with your kids for you this week - three trees and a bauble re-vamp.


This cute little trio was inspired by bunting flags - just turn them upside-down, stuff with wool balls or wadding, stitch up the bottom and embellish.   If your little ones are too wee to handle a needle and thread, stitch up the triangles yourself and then let them stuff them (they love that bit) and stick embellishments with crafting glue.





This fun little Christmas card is easy-peasy.  Get your kids to cut rectangles of fabric with your pinking shears (I made mine promise not to cut anything other than fabric with them - or Santa wouldn't come!) and arrange in a tree shape.  Add a star-like section of fabric at the top and you're done. Happy kids who get to finish making Christmas cards in lightening speed + very chuffed relatives when they receive their bespoke Christmas card = being well on the way to having an organised Christmas.




 We tend to use a lot of recycled brown paper to wrap presents with in our house.  A great way to brighten them up is to buy coloured gift tags.  Use a few buttons and tiny fabric scraps cut into festive shapes to decorate these.  Add some festive ribbon and you have some funky labels to tie securely to your lucky recipient's gift.  The bonus is that these are re-usable:  Just stick a label over the name from last year and recycle again for next!



Finally, not strictly a tree but a must for 'The Tree' - The kids love doing this simple bauble re-vamp.  Take an old, sad looking bauble which has seen many a Christmas and instead of throwing it away, wrap it in strips of glued festive ribbon and tie a nice bow at the top for instant Christmas tree chic.




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On the Fifth Day of Christmas

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We sent a creative friend a Crafty Kit Co , erm, Kit!



We fell in love with these kits as soon as we clapped eyes on them and it appears that everyone who comes into our shop in Stoke Mandeville has been doing exactly the same.  So much so that we've only got a few kits left in stock.  They make the perfect gift as they are not only great little projects, ideal for kids and adults alike, but they also post beautifully.  Given that, we've decided to put the last few kits on our website so that you can order one to either make up yourself and give as a fab hand-made Christmas pressie, or to post directly to all your craft fanatical friends and family to make themselves.  Win-win, we think!


So, which one will you choose?  Pretty tricky to pick just one, I think......


There's this duo of knitted teddies .....



Or another knitting kit: cute little Mary Mouse .....


Wise old Owl ....



Deliciously cute crochet Cupcakes ....


Flora the Fawn ...


Retro classic beanbag froggies ...


Crunchy Crochet Apple (Teacher gift???) ....


and finally, this gorgeous Scandi-inspired collection of Christmas decorations.  I'm going to use this one to keep the little monsters entertained one afternoon during the holidays - they'll be hooked! 


All the kits come with absolutely EVERYTHING you need to finish the project.  Pretty darn good, we think.

More Christmas gift inspiration later today so come back soon!

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