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Competition now closed!!!!  

Seeing as Dashwood's Flurry is just about the best modern blender around, it's no wonder that it's one of our top best sellers EVER here at Fabric HQ. It's obvious to see how much we love Flurry.  We're so smitten that we even asked Dashwood if we could use it as the wallpaper on the newly designed website we launched last year. Back in February we found out that Dashwood had plans to release another 6 new shades (we'd already seen the multi-coloured Flurry that was released with Stephanie Thannhauser's 'Rain or Shine?' collection last month making it 7 new colours in our minds) and have been dreaming up this little competition ever since. Here's a sneak peek at the new colours, displayed by Dashwood at a recent trade show.


Can you spot the newbies?


 Well here they are ....


Spice                                                           Jade



 Gold                                                           Taupe



 Navy                                                          Berry


Aren't they just gorgeous??

So with there now being a massive 24 different coloured Flurry fabrics, plus the multi Flurry to choose from, surely there's a Flurry for every project?  We thought we'd let one lucky winner find out for themselves when they win a fat quarter each of every single one of the 25 Flurry fabrics.  Want your chance to win?  Here's how.....


We want you to get your creative thinking caps on and come up with a collective noun for Flurry fabric.  There are some pretty weird and wonderful ones out there in the English language. Think pride of lions; unkindness of ravens; gaggle of girls; exaltation of larks... or my personal favourite - a spat of divas!  The beauty of English collective nouns is that there is no one person or institution that makes up new ones - they just pass into common use when people take a shine to them. So we want you clever, creative, cultured people to come up with something better than a bundle of Flurry.  Simple as that!  

Competition now closed!!!!

Ok, here's how to enter ....


  1. Leave a comment on this blog post with your clever group name for Flurry but make sure you don't comment before 12 noon on Thursday 9th April.  Any comments before then won't count and someone else could nick your fabulous idea and win!
  2. If you're not the first person to comment, please scroll through the other entries before you leave your comment to make sure yours is unique - if there are multiple comments left with the same answer then only the first one to have commented will be entered.
  3. Only UK entries please.  Sorry overseas peeps!
  4. Only 1 entry per person, please so choose your best idea and post that only!  We gotta give everyone a chance to enter now, don't we? 
  5. The competition runs from midday on Thursday 9th April until midday on Thursday 7th May.
  6. When the competition is closed we will pass all entries to David Sweet, Creative Director at Dashwood Studio and he will choose his favourite as the winner.... his decision is final ... he's gotta live with it, after all!  Hopefully we'll give him a bit if a giggle in the process.
  7. Once a winner has been chosen we'll let everyone know the winning entry here on our blog and get that '.....' of Flurry winging its way to one of you lucky fabric lovers. 

Good luck everyone... go have fun with words!



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