On the Seventh Day of Christmas

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Karen gave us a tutorial for making this cute little owl pincushion!

This is such a gorgeous little project!  As the weather turns colder (yes, there's even a flurry of snow forecast for tonight!) we're stepping up our preparations for the big day.You can make this as a pin cushion to give to sewing friends, family or for your kids' teachers as a Christmas gift but we couldn't resist making it up into a Christmas decoration too, by adding a little hanging string.

This is such a simple make and an ideal scrap buster needing only 3 pieces of fabric measuring a teensie 6cm by 11cm each! 

Over to Karen for the tutorial:

You will need:

  • 1x piece of fabric a minimum of 6cm wide by 11cm high for the owl's front
  • 2x pieces of fabric a minimum of 6cm wide by 11cm high for the owl's back
  • wool and embroidery floss for owl's feathers and beak
  • 2x buttons or more embroidery floss for eyes
  • 1x large button for the base
  • rice/wool balls/toy stuffing
  • thread
  • needle
  • scissors

(use a ¼ “seam throughout)

1. Cut two of the template shapes above out of the fabric you have chosen for your owl's back and one from the fabric chosen for the front. To print your template, hover over the template picture above, right click your mouse and copy and paste it into a word document.  Resize the picture so that it is about 12cm high and then print, making sure your printer is set to 'actual size'.  If you have trouble with this, email us at hello@fabrichq.co.uk and we can send you a PDF of the template.


2. With right sides together, sew the two back pieces together along one long curved seam,.Open out, the place the front piece, again right sides together, against the back.

3. In one long seam, start at the bottom edge, go up to the top point and go down the other side, leaving the bottom seam open. Trim the seam at the point and turn right side out. 


4. With the front piece facing, fold you shape flat and tack a line of small stitches 1” down from the point as this area doesn’t need stuffing. Turn a small hem up around the bottom and sew with a strong thread, leaving the end free for drawing up.

5. Stuff the body using either toy filling, wool balls, rice or a combo of each. If you are using your owl as a pin cushion you may want to use a combination of wool balls or toy filling at the top and rice at the bottom to help weight your owl down and stop her falling over.

6. Then draw up the thread at the base, putting a few stitches in to keep it closed.


7. Cut the wool into 4 or 5 strands, each 2” - 3” long and lay along the line of the tacking. Keep in place with a few stitches.

8. Then fold over the point at the line of tacking, then remove your temporary stitches, this creates your owl's face.

9. Use the embroidery thread to make a few straight stitches to hold the point in place and form the beak.

10. Attach the large button to the base of the owl to cover your drawing in stitches and to form a steady base.


11. Sew on buttons for eyes or use you embroidery floss to sew some star bursts for eyes instead. Trim ends of wool if necessary.


The pattern can easily be adapted to make larger or smaller owls but please be safety conscious and remember they are not toys.

Thanks to Karen for this brilliant little tutorial. 

That's it for this week's make.  We're more than half way through now but we've got lots of exciting projects to look forward to over the next few weeks.

Happy stitching!


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