The 12 Makes of Christmas 2017 is here!!!

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It only seems five minutes ago that we were here with the last of our 12 Makes of 2016 installment but here we are again with more fabulous ideas to get you ready for the Christmas crafting countdown 2017!

We've got some amazing project ideas for you this year and as usual, there's a lovely mix of gift ideas and makes with which to decorate your home this festive season.

We start this year with Karen's gorgeous Merrily Quilt.  We fell hard for Merrily when we were shown it all those months ago.  Like Thicket, the debut collection from Gingiber (AKA Stacie Bloomfield) it features some stand out designs, beautiful blenders and two panels.  This time the two panels feature the most adorable Christmas animals in 3 different sizes.  Given the scope of this collection, it's no wonder it features in more than one of out 2017 12 Makes!



MERRILY QUILT (50” x 58” approx)

Karen's Merrily Quilt is so quick to whip up, utilising the smaller of the two panels as its focus. Using a panel and adding some co-ordinating borders is a quick way to run a quilt up for the festive season!

You will need:

1 Merrily panel

0.5m first border fabric

1m second border fabric

To complete quilt:

1.5m pack of wadding

Backing – 3m of standard width fabric or 1.5m of extra wide

0.5m fabric for binding

  1. Iron and square up your panel if necessary.
  1. Cut first border fabric into 5:3” strips x width of fabric (w.o.f.). Cut one strip in half and add one half strip to two of the other strips. You will now have two w.o.f. strips and two 1.5 w.o.f. strips.
  1. Cut second border fabric into 6: 4.5” x w.o.f. strips. Cut two of these strips in half and add a half strip to each of the other four strips to give you four 1.5 w.o.f. border strips.
  1. Sew the 2” x w.o.f. strips to the top and bottom of the panel and then the 1.5 w.o.f. strips to the sides. Trim the ends as you go.
  1. Sew the second border pieces in the same way.
  1. Sandwich the top with wadding and backing, quilt and bind; I just used simple vertical quilting lines but this panel really lends itself to creative quilting and embellishment – let your imagination run wild and create a really unique seasonal favourite!

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  • Janice Brown

    Well Done Karen! Lovely Quilt.
    Doesn’t seem long since last Christmas!


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