Stocking Advent Bunting

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This week Becky had made these super cute mini stockings!  You could do as Becky's done and turn them into an advent calendar garland (which would look amazing strung along a stairway) with the addition of some numbered buttons or appliqued numbers, or leave them unstrung as Christmas tree decorations - or how about using them as an actual Christmas stocking for a pet or a kids' favourite cuddly?  These are way too cute however you choose to use them and pretty simple to make up, too!

Over to Becky.....

Christmas Advent Stockings

Fabric needed to make 1x small Stocking using template provided:

* If you chose to make all 12x stockings amounts will vary depending on how many different fabrics you wish to use. As an example I used 8x different fabrics and mix and matched them.


  • 14” x 8”of main fabric (patterned)
  • 14” x 8” of lining fabric
  • 5” x 5” of contrasting fabric for Stocking Cuff
  • A small amount of ribbon or string
  • 1-24 number buttons (if making all 12x stockings)
  • 3m of Ric Rack (if making all 12x stockings)




  1. Start by designing your stocking shape including a ¼ inch seam allowance, you can make the stockings as big or as small as you like but if you would like to follow my pattern you can download the template here!



  1. Now fold the main pattern fabric in half and cut out 2x stocking shapes using your template – I found using a rotary cutter to follow the pencil line quick and easy but if you don’t have a rotary cutter then cut out with scissors. Then cut the same again from the lining fabric.





  1. Iron the cuff pieces in half and then cut 2x pieces on the fold of the fabric. 





  1. Place the edge of the stocking cuff face down at the top of one of the main stocking pieces with right sides together and sew along the top using a 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat with the other side of the cuff making sure the boots are both facing the same direction.





  1. You should end up with a piece of fabric as shown below. Repeat with the back pieces. Now press out the seams to the middle.





  1. Lay the front and back pieces together with right sides facing each other, lining up your cuff pieces. How had your ribbon or string at the back of the boot in-between the cuff and the lining fabric making sure the hoop is tucked inside the stocking and you leave the ends sticking out as below.





  1. Now pin all the way around. Start at the base of the lining foot and sew around the foot, up the leg, around the other foot and down to the bottom of the lining foot again. Make sure you leave a small turning gap in the bottom of the lining foot.
  1. Trim the fabric all the way around using pinking sheers to prevent fraying and reduce bulk.




  1. Pull the main stocking fabric through the gap in the lining foot and turn everything inside out so the right sides are now showing and press. Sew up the turning gap.





  1. Now for the magic: push the lining fabric back inside the main fabric until the lining 'foot' is neatly inside the main stocking foot and everything is nice and neat and fold over the stocking cuff – Voilà!! They should look like this when done!




  1. You can now add your number buttons to each stocking from 1-12 on one side then turn over and sew 13-24 on the other.


Now all you need to do is make 11 more to create the advent mini-stocking calendar! Filled with chocolates we think it would look fab running up the stairs – happy sewing!


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Christmas Candy Cones

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Our 7th make of Christmas was whipped up in a jiffy by Jacqui, using the beautiful Juniper Berry Range by BasicGrey for Moda.

Candy cones look beautiful hanging from the tree but you can also put them anywhere else and fill them with lots of other lovely Christmassy-ness such as Christmas spices or decorations.

Or even fill them full of sewing notions for a cute Christmas gift for a fellow sewing fanatic.

There are loads of great tutorials for Christmas candy cones on the internet but we especially like this one on The Sewing Directory.

Happy sewing everyone and see you next week for another 12 makes double bill!

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Free Motion Embroidered Robin

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Our 6th Make of Christmas has been designed by Sam Molloy aka Stitched Up By Samantha, our lovely dress making and free motion embroidery tutor here at HQ.

We've fallen in love with this super cute little fella, made using little scraps of Dashwood Studio Twist fabric.  Free motion is the perfect project for using up all those little scraps you've got lying around.  

 Over to Sam!


Free Motion Embroidered Robin

You will need:


  • Piece of linen type fabric approx 10” square. I used Essex Linen in the Natural colourway.
  • Small scraps of fabric in appropriate “robin” colours. I used scraps of “Twist” by Dashwood Studios. 
  • Bondaweb – approx 4” square.
  • Iron on interfacing – approx 6” square.
  • Black thread.
  • 6” wooden embroidery hoop.
  • Fabric glue. I used Gutermann HT2.


You will also need a darning or embroidery foot for your sewing machine, and you must also be able to lower or cover the feed dogs of your machine.




Print and cut out the robin template.  You can find this on Sam's blog here.

If the test square in the corner measures 1” then the robin will fit perfectly in a 6” embroidery hoop.


Turn the template pieces face down and draw round each one on the reverse of the appropriate fabric.  You don’t have to use exactly the same colours I’ve used, I just used what I had. 


Rough cut each shape out, leaving a small border and iron onto some Bondaweb.  Remember to use some greaseproof paper over the Bondaweb so you don’t get any of the glue on the plate of your iron. 


Peel the fabric pieces off the Bondaweb backing and cut out exactly.


Prepare the linen fabric by ironing the interfacing onto the back of it to give some stability for stitching.


Arrange the pieces of the robin on the linen, centring them, and then press with a hot iron to adhere them to the linen with the Bondaweb.


Using free motion embroidery, stitch around the edge of the pieces and add details such as the robins legs, beak and eye.  I used scribbly lines rather than straight ones to give a more hand drawn look.

Add details such as a branch for the robin to stand on, or a fence, or anything that takes your fancy!  I cut some tiny holly leaves to add a contrasting colour into the design. 

Make sure your design fits in a 6” embroidery hoop.  Mine does just!  Mount your linen in the embroidery hoop so that the fabric sits over the inner ring, press the outer ring down and tighten the top screw. 

Trim off the excess at the back, leaving about 15 – 20mm to fold over the back of the hoop.

Apply fabric glue around the top edge of the inner rim of the hoop and press the fabric down over the edge. 

Sit back and admire your completed picture.  You could add a ribbon loop or bow at the top for hanging if you wish. 



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Last Minute Christmas Gifts Class

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This week it's make 5 of our 12 Makes of Christmas.  How about getting social and coming along to our Last Minute Christmas Gifts class?

 On the morning of Saturday 10th December Jen will be running a class at Make HQ where you can get all those last minute handmade gifts whipped up.  Perfect for teacher gifts, stocking fillers and presents for those who appreciate a little handmade love - we'll be making these gorgeous, special ingredient hand-warmers and sets of cute coasters!


This class would be such a lovely way to start the festive season - a perfect parent/child class (think pressies for teachers/ grandparents/ brothers, sisters and friends) or for a group of you to come along for a pre-Christmas get together with a twist.  Whatever the reason for coming along there'll be sewing and mince pies - a perfect morning!

See here now for more details and to book!

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Speedy Christmas Pillowcase

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Speedy Pillow Case Tutorial


This week it's a double whammy on the Christmas countdown (gotta crowbar them in or we'll be making on Christmas Eve!) so we've given you a super speedy Make Number 4 - Karen's pillowcase can be whipped up in twenty minutes and has an envelope flap inside. It's absolutely puuurrrfect (sorry!) for adding that extra touch of magic on Christmas Eve night.  There's nothing better than a freshly changed bed and an awesome Christmas themed pillowcase will keep little, and not so little, heads dreaming of the fun to come all night long. Over to Karen...

Choose your favourite Christmassy fabric - Karen chose Michael Miller's absolutley gorgeous Kitty Garland but we think any of these would be totally gorgeous, too...


... From Dashwood's Festive Friends collection:

Festive Puddings


Festive Cats


 Festive Friends Main


Christmas Dreams Baubles


From Moda...

Juniper Berry Reindeer Games


Juniper Berry Christmas Merrily Aqua


Michael Miller's Mini Snowmen


Festive Balls


Corny Cane Green


and finally, Swell Noel Christmas Trees.

There's something here for all the family, so as it's such a quick project, you could whip one up for everyone in no time!  You could even add a contrast panel with a bit of embellishment if you fancy but if you're doing the simple version you need 1m of fabric per pillow.  Over to Karen....


1: 30” x 19 ½” rectangle

1: 35” x 19 ½” rectangle


  1. At one short end of each piece, turn a ½” hem then ½” again and top stitch.

  1. With right sides together, match raw edges at bottom and bring longer end over the top of the finished edge. Using a ½” seam allowance, stitch the sides and bottom raw edges. Finish the seams with a zigzag or overedge


  1. Turn right sides out, press stuff in your pillow and move onto the next member of the family!  Which fabrics would you choose?



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