2nd Make of Christmas

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Elf on a Shelf?


Santa Claus might be making lists and checking them twice but it isn’t a secret as to who fulfils those lists. It’s the elves! Without those cute little gals and guys, there wouldn’t be anything to put in Santa’s bags or fill stockings. The North Pole, Stacy Iest Hsu’s collection for Moda Fabrics, celebrates Santa’s crew – the helpers who actually make Christmas happen, even down to a couple of penguins.
Our second Make of Christmas 2018 is this brilliant panel from Stacy’s collection.  It makes up into two of the cutest little elves I have ever seen – much cuter than those shop bought Elf on the Shelf dolls that make an appearance as we draw closer to the big day.
What’s also great is that you get not just two elves but a whole host of cute little penguins and polar bears, too. Plenty of help for Santa!
So, if you’re looking for an adorable elf, or two, to sit on your shelf leading up to the big day, or for a unique gift to give at Christmas, look no further than this panel!

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12 Makes of Christmas 2018!

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Here it is - the First Make of Christmas 2018!!


We're starting a little later this year as, with all that hot weather, it just wasn't feeling particularly Christmassy.  But with only 7 weeks left until the big day, we thought we'd bring you not one but two makes a week, so that you've got plenty of sewing inspiration and crafty Christmas projects to make this Christmas the best ever!


Drawstring Bags

These really cute drawstring bags make perfect Christmas gifts but are also the perfect eco wrapping, as they can be used again and again!

Ideal for all your bits and bobs: make-up, PJ's, toiletries, undies when packing for going away, marbles, toys, baked goodies, sweets and anything else you can think of!  

Drawstring bags workshop at Fabric HQ

We've got a fab workshop hosted by the lovely Barbara Orth on Friday 9th November where you can learn how to make her gorgeous version of these lovely bags.  They look so professional with their full lining, silky draw cord and fab wooden bead details.  In the class you'll get to make two bags, meaning you'll have the technique down perfectly by the end of the morning, ready to go home and make a ton more. They can be made with matching or contrasting fabrics, the possibilities are endless.

They are so versatile that I made these for practically everyone on my Christmas list last year (men and women, boys and girls) and they went down an absolute storm.  I tried to make them special by choosing fabrics so they could be customized for each specific recipient and this made them all different and a total pleasure to sew. 

This is the last Drawstring Bag class we're running at Fabric HQ this year, so be sure to bag (ha!) your spot now (click here for more details and to nab your spot now!) and get your Christmas sewing well underway! 

Level: This workshop is perfect for beginners and improvers but must be able to use a rotary cutter and competent on a sewing machine.




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Make Arcade Kits

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Unbelievably this is the final in our 12 Makes of Christmas series for 2017! Now where DID that time go?  

 So this week we took delivery of a whole heap of brilliant sewing kits from the fabulous Make Arcade!

So for those of you who don't know, Make Arcade are a UK based craft kit company creating amazing cross stitch, sewing and badge making kits that are so much fun!

 Founder of The Make Arcade, Ruth Oliver, is a lifelong crafter and sewer and wants to share and pass on her skills and knowledge to enable the pleasure and practicality of sewing and making to continue to new generations. 

The kits are designed with beginners in mind with lots of photographed instructions and all the materials and supplies included.

All their kits are designed and manufactured in their cosy studio in Salisbury. The packaging is completely gorgeous and helps make these such amazing gifts for friends and loved ones - even Secret Santa gifts! They make in small batches and each one is packed with care and fun by a team fuelled on doughnuts and disco!

Look - Unicorn Alice band!!!!!

Also the most amazingly brilliant Christmas cross stitch kits....

So whether this is a make for your home, something to make and give or just to give the whole kit as a gift, there's something here for pretty much everyone - I'm mean who doesn't need a Sloth keyrig, eh?  Make Arcade - we salute you and all your crazy creativeness!

So that's it for another year of Christmas Make inspiration here at Fabric HQ - I hope you''ve been inspired to make this Christmas a hand made one?  Make sure you're signed up to the newsletter for lots more Christmas gift inspiration and ideas over the coming few weeks.  Have a great weekend full of creative time!

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Dashwood Advent Calendar

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Well we're nearing the very end of our 12 Makes series with this, our 11th and this week Jacqui whipped up one of the fab Dashwood 2017 advent calendars.

We love how simple, quick and easy these calendars are to put together.



and the cute details on this year's Dashwood calendar are brilliant!



Images taken from Jane Farnham's Merry Little Christmas collection decorate this panel...

and the gusseted pockets are the perfect size to stash a little treat or two - maybe dispense with the usual chocolate and fill it with fabric!

We also have the Makower Advent Tree in stock - a bit moer traditional and beautiful in its reds and golds.


We've got 20% off both our advent calendars this week and up until the end of November.  To get yours, check them out here!




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Emma's Apron Tute

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We absolutely LOVE the simple beauty of this project gifted to us by Emma of Emma May Stitching. Emma is one of our tutors here at HQ and, teaches our Start-Up, Cushions, Curtains and Roman Blinds workshops as well as one to one tutoring.  You can find out all about the lovely Emma, and what she does here.

Emma has used Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Metallic for this fab apron project.  Lovely earthy tones of yarn dyed linen with gorgeous metallic thread woven through gives this a beautiful festive feel but not too over the top - something you could wear all year round and would make a brilliant Christmas present for a keen cook or your Christmas host.

Over to Emma....

This is such a simple make, and ideal for bringing some cheer to festive baking sessions or creating a handmade gift for a loved one. Adapt, embellish, enjoy!

You will need

1m of fabric for main apron body (I’ve used Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Metallic Copper)

1 fat quarter (55cm x 55cm) of contrast fabric for pocket. (I’ve used Merrily – Just a Dash Berry Snow)

2.75m length of cotton tape/ribbon & 1 large button.

0.5m of suitable paper to make pattern template.

Cotton, pins, ruler, scissors, fabric marker & sewing machine.

Make your template

It isn’t necessary to make a template, you can just mark the measurements below straight onto the back of you fabric, but if you’re going to make more than one a template is really useful. This particular template fits perfectly on a length of sample / leftover wallpaper……

Ok, so grab your paper and spread it out on a flat surface. Draw a line 90cm long (This will represent the middle of your apron). At the bottom of this first line, draw another at right angles to it extending 35cm. Repeat at the top, drawing another line extending 18cm. Return to the original longline that represents the middle of your apron and make a mark on it 27.5cm down from the top. At this mark, draw a line at right angles again, extending 35cm again. Join up the two lines that both extend 35cm. Now join up the ends of the other two lines with a curve. There’s no right and wrong here – any curve will do! Cut out your paper template.

Cut out main fabric

Fold your main fabric in half so that the selvedges meet. Place your paper template on top of your fabric with the longest edge of the template aligned with the fold in your fabric. Pin in place and cut out the fabric. Note – your template includes all seam/hem allowances.

Turn hems

Remove the template and open up the fabric, laying it right side down on a flat surface. Starting on the bottom edge, turn a 1cm fold and score or press. Turn again, this time by 1.5cm, score or press and pin. Repeat on all the other straight edges. When you come to the curved edges at the top of the apron, snip into the first 1cm of fabric at regular intervals around the curve before folding. Then fold twice as before.




Position side ties & sew

Grab your cotton tape/ribbon and cut 2 x 1m lengths. Tuck the raw end of one piece of tape under the side hem, at the top of one of the side edges. Repeat with the other piece of tape on the other side of the apron. Turn over other raw end of each tie twice by 1cm and sew in place to prevent fraying.

Sew hems

Sew all the way around the outside of the apron to secure the hems and side ties, positioning your stitching as close as possible to the inside folded edge of the hem i.e. 1.25cm from the outside edge. Reinforce where the side ties attach by sewing an additional 3cm line of stitching in the hem where the tie is positioned, this time 0.25cm in from the folded edge.

Position & sew neck loop

Grab your remaining cotton tape. Turn under the raw edge on one end by 1cm. Position this end of the tape on top of your apron front. Align the outer edge of the tape 1.5cm in from the side of the apron, and align the bottom folded edge of the tape 3cm down from the top of the apron. Pin in place, and sew.

Leave a loop of about 50cm of tape and then pin the other end of the tape to the apron front, positioning the outer tape edge 1.5cm in from the side of the apron. Sew in place with a single line of stitching that will be hidden by your button. Leave 7 cm of tape below your stitching ad cut off any excess beyond this point. Turn a 1cm fold over twice on the end of the tape and sew in place to prevent fraying. Sew your button on top of your stitching by hand.


Draw pocket

Grab your contrast pocket fabric. Fold it in half, right sides facing, with selvedge meeting other side edge. With a fabric marker, draw a 20cm x 20cm square, BUT with the bottom edge missing. Locate the middle of the top edge and measure down 25cm and mark a point here. Now join this point to the two side edges so you end up with a triangular bottom to your pocket. Again – look at the picture, it’s much easier to understand than the words! DON’T CUT IT OUT!


Make up pocket

Pin through both layers on the inside of your pocket shape. Sew around the shape on top of your line, leaving a 5-7cm opening on one side edge through which you can turn the pocket right side out. Trim back the seams to 0.5cm and turn through the opening. Press the pocket, tucking the raw edges of the opening inside. Sew a line of stitching through both layers of the pocket along the top, 1.5cm in from the edge.

Attach pocket

Position the pocket on top of the front of the apron. Align the outer pocket edge 7cm in from the apron side edge and align the bottom pocket point 20cm up from the apron bottom edge. As with many things, these measurements are simply suggestions. Pin the pocket on wherever you fancy, try the apron on and shift it if you don’t like it! Sew in place 0.25cm from the pocket edge, remembering to leave the top edge open!

Pop it on & Bake!

That’s it, you’re done! Now it’s time to pop your apron on and start to bake.

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